Trouble With Gophers and Moles?

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We all like having fun in the garden. There are pests though that are such a kill joy. Ultrasonic devices, electronic yard fences and strobe lights – these are the technology at present that helps us eradicate these annoying pests in a safer way. No need to worry of getting caught in your own trap, or being poisoned by the pesticide or chemical that you placed because there is no more use for that now. Kids and old people alike can freely go around the garden because it is safe, and likewise animals that do not create trouble can also visit the garden.

In this way, undesirable animals such as gophers, moles, squirrels, deer, cats, dogs and others cannot get inside the yard at the same time their lives will be spared. How safer can it be even for the pests. These ultrasonic devices work by using high frequency sound or vibration that hurts the animal’s ears, keeping them away. This girl friend of mine doesn’t like the squirrels in her backyard, or squirrels at all. Not only did they destroyed her garden, they also destroyed parts of the house including the chairs that were on the deck. They ate the coverings of the chairs. She decided to buy an ultrasonic device and after the installation, it worked wonders! Now, she is happy and needless to say the squirrels were spared to live another day.

Gophers and moles can do significant damage to your yard, shrubberies and plants. Not only do they destroy your lawn, but the mounds and surface tunnels create hazards related to tripping or twisting an ankle. Air shafts. That is what they are making. These rodents tunnel their way through that good-looking garden of yours to make air shafts for their homes underneath the ground. Their burrows’ measurement can stretch up to many miles and if you dig down, it can go as deep as 5 feet, the least is two feet. Each family of these rodents can have as much as twelve babies and the only thing they are good at is digging. Their food intake is equivalent to their own body weight, so they don’t hibernate because their bodies won’t store fat. The estimated yearly intake of food for a mole is 40 pounds. It is how they exist – eat and dig, over and over. Moles will eat worms, worms that aerate the soil, necessary for beautiful plants and a healthy growing environment. Gophers consume on roots and plant matter.

The surface tunnels made by moles are usually twisted while tunnels made by gophers, which they seldom do, are linear. The heaps that moles make look like a tiny volcano while a gopher’s heap would shape like a kidney. Thriving on vigorous and verdant greens, these tiny creatures live beneath it. Moles and gophers alike munch on the trees’ roots, grains, grasses, shrubs and vegetables such as carrots, peas and beans, which is their favorite. They also like to munch on lilies, irises and tulips. A mole’s favorite food are grubs, worms, and insects, but they also eat plant materials. However, gophers like it better if the plant material is tender. Do you know that gophers, moles, voles, chipmunks and woodchucks are highly intellectual beings? These creatures are notorious in their elusion from our old ways of pest control such as traps, baits and poisons.

There is no question that if you have gophers or moles in your yard, you will know by the mounds, tunnels and damage. Anything that is living, I value their existence by not taking it away from them. I move spiders in the house to the outdoors, move snakes in the yard toward the lake (I know, I know, I am one of THOSE people). So, I wouldn’t recommend killing them to get rid of them, but trying one of the many alternative ultrasonic devices available.

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