Various Types Of Ants

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Ants are hardy representatives of the animal kingdom, capable of living in places with the harshest living conditions unsuitable for other plants and animals. Ants exists in a highly structured colony, and their population can reach up to more than a million, the citizens of which are the worker ants, the soldiers, and the single queen. Ants are appreciated in in the wild as indicators of crucial shifts in the environment. When they invade human homes, however, ants are viewed as pests.

Ants are of different types and are 1 of the most common creatures in the world. Regardless of their tiny They are small but terrible; they could hurt humans as well as animals.

The behavior of ants may vary depending on their class. The size of ants range from two to 25 millimeters & their color may vary from red to brown or black.

Army ants & driver ants are highly evolved ants. Driver ants can be found in Africa & army ants can be found in South America. Unlike other species, these do not have permanent nests. These colonies reproduce by two ways – nuptial flights or fission.

Weaver ants, on the other hand, are those that create their nests in trees by attaching leaves together. These creatures first pull the leaves together with a bridge of workers and then they sew the leaves by pressing silk producing larvae on the leaves.

Ants with generally have enlarged bellies are called honeypot ants. They usually live in hot, dry places such as Australia, Africa, North America & they can be found in deserts as well. In some places, they are considered a great delicacy.

Leaf cutter ants feed exclusively on fungus & live only within their colony. They come in various sized classes to perform various duties that are to be executed in the colony.

Another unique type of ant is the fire ant. These ants have a sac of poison that is filled with piperidine alkaloids.

Finally, one of the largest & most primeval varieties of ants are the Australian bulldog ants. Being of a primitive variety, they have only one chromosome.

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