Vibrasonic Mole Chasers

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We all like having fun in the garden. There are pests though that are such a kill joy. We are lucky nowadays that we have developed a technology that will not harm us people, particularly the old and little ones, and other creatures that do not pose a threat at all to our garden or to humans. Unlike before when we used traps, chemicals or pesticides, today, we have electronic yard fences, ultrasonic devices, and strobe lights that can do the job in eliminating the pests in the yard.

In this way, undesirable animals such as gophers, moles, squirrels, deer, cats, dogs and others cannot get inside the yard at the same time their lives will be spared. How safer can it be even for the pests. The animal’s ears will hurt once they hear the high frequency sound or vibration from these ultrasonic gadgets and when that happens, they will retreat. A friend of mine totally abhors the squirrels in her garden. Not only did they destroyed her garden, they also destroyed parts of the house including the chairs that were on the deck. They ate the coverings of the chairs. So, she bought an ultrasonic gadget and it was perfect! How are they now? Well, my friend is now enjoying the garden without the troubles and the squirrels, they’re still out there rummaging somebody else’s garden I think.

Gophers and moles can create a major destruction to your garden, shrubs and vegetations. With all the surface tunnels and heaps of soil on your newly mowed lawn, that is sure to give you a headache and a pain in the feet because you might trip yourself going all about the damages they have caused. These rodents often dig tunnels beneath the surface creating air vents for their homes below and in your well kept garden. They can dig burrows to a length of quite a few miles with a depth ranging from two to five feet. It’s innate in them to dig and they can produce up to 12 babies per family. They only eat what they can expend, so you won’t see them lying dormant because they do not have fat in their bodies. The mole eats approximately 40 pounds of food every year. It’s their way of life -dig, eat, dig eat. Plants need worms to ventilate the soil for their development. Now, moles hinder these developments by eating the worms. Plants are what the gophers eat, usually the roots and plant material.

The moles do roundabouts when making above the ground tunnels while gophers do it in line form but it’s not quite often you see above the ground tunnels made by gophers. The heaps that moles make look like a tiny volcano while a gopher’s heap would shape like a kidney. If you have a garden covered in healthy flourishing lawns, these creatures will be all over the place. Moles and gophers alike munch on the trees’ roots, grains, grasses, shrubs and vegetables such as carrots, peas and beans, which is their favorite. They also like to munch on lilies, irises and tulips. Although moles prefer and will mostly feed on grubs, worms and insects, they will munch on plant materials. Gophers though prefer plant materials that are succulent. Gophers, voles, moles, chipmunks and woodchucks are known for their intelligence. We know them as masters of escape – from traps, baits and poisons.

It’s plain to see that you have a gopher or mole in your backyard by how your garden looks like – full of mounds and tunnels and a lot of damage. I am the type of person that just won’t kill anything. The spiders at home, I don’t stomp on them, I put them out, and the snakes when I see one in the yard, I just remove them there and transfer near the lake (okay, you might think I’m CRAZY!). So, I wouldn’t recommend killing them to get rid of them, but trying one of the many alternative ultrasonic devices available.

Are you pondering about purchasing a vibrasonic mole chaser? If that’s the case, then I recommend you go to Safe Home Products. There you may come across virtually any vibrasonic mole chaser offered in the market. Get Rid of those moles right now.

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