Viral Sicknesses Brought By Mosquitoes

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People who spend a lot of time out-of-doors should be aware that pesky mosquitoes can carry an array of viral diseases that could be deadly.

Even though most people have already heard about the correlation between mosquitoes and West Nile virus, there are numerous other diseases mosquitoes carry that sadly, everyone are unaware of. It is a sad fact that if the news does not report a person contracting a mosquito carried disease, nearly everyone wouldn’t even know the existence of these diseases at all. Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest and dirtiest creatures man is aware of.

The following include some of the viral diseases mosquitoes can transmit: – dengue fever – epidemic polyarthritis – Japanese encephalitis – LaCross encephalitis – Rift Valley fever – Ross River Fever – St. Louis encephalitis – West Nile virus – yellow fever

These are just a few of the many other types of diseases mosquitoes can transmit. Mosquitoes are also the sole cause of malaria, the world’s leading cause of premature death.

Over 5.3 million deaths occur every year because of the mosquito genus Anopheles. They are the mosquitoes that bring the malaria virus. Children under the age of five make up most of these fatalities.

Nearly all mosquitoes are capable of carrying the filariasis worm, the cause of the disease elephantiasis. About 40 million people worldwide are presently dealing with some form of this disease.

Even though these facts seem terrible, they are not the most dreaded part of the mosquito problem. As people age, mosquito bites are often undetected. In children, mosquito bites often cause their skin to swell up and turn red. In adults, however, they tend to build immunity to these bites.

True, some types of mosquito types can’t be ridded of; the mosquitoes can be repelled or warded off using simple mosquito repellants & nets. Keep these pests away from your body & stay healthy, to prevent catching sick from these dreaded insects.

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