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You might imagine that by going to a big city you should be able to escape the problem of wasps, which are more often associated with the countryside. However for wasp control, london is also very much in need of it. That’s because wasps can really nest just about anywhere, and the shelter of our own properties is actually one of their favourite places.

The Wasps’ Nest

Queen wasps awake from their slumber in the Spring, when the weather is warmer, so that they can start to build their nest. Of course before they can actually start to do that, the first thing they have to do is find somewhere that is going to be suitable for them.

In terms of where they are going to nest, it will depend on the species of wasp to some extent. The Common Wasp likes to have plenty of shelter, which is why they often go for a shed, basement or loft. The German Wasp, on the other hand, is happy to nest hanging from a tree or in a bush.

When considering types of wasps and where they nest though, the hornet should not be overlooked. They’re just larger wasps really, and in this country they don’t have more powerful stingers, and contrary to a widely held belief, they are actually less aggressive than normal wasps. In terms of where they like to nest, it is anywhere high up, high in a tree is common.

Once the Queen has decided on a location and has built up the nest to a sufficient level it will start laying eggs. Then, before long, there will be more wasps around, and they will help the Queen with the operation of furthering the interests of the nest.

What the new wasps do to help is feed the wasps that have not hatched yet and continue to build the nest. When there are enough of them, they completely take over the running of the nest and the Queen is left to lay eggs. Depending on how large the nest gets, it’s common for up to 10,000 wasps to live in a single nest, and sometimes it is even more than that.

How To Deal With Wasps Nests

If there is a nest near to your property then you’ll know about it because there will be lots of wasps around. If you can see at least 10 or more at any one time then that is a pretty good indication of a nest being close by, and often you’ll be able to see a lot more than that.

Not many people would be tempted, but if you are feeling brave and are considering trying to deal with the wasps’ nest yourself, then don’t. There is only one way to properly deal with a nest and it is not available to amateurs.

Your only options as a normal person rather than a pest control expert, are to set it on fire, knock it down or block up the entrance. None are good, in fact what you’re almost certainly going to do is just make them angry and make the situation worse.

The professionals have another option available to them however. They can use an insecticide which works very well at killing wasps, and spray it inside the nest. Even if you got all the equipment to be able to do that yourself though, you’d still need the license for the insecticide, which is only given out to people with the requisite training.

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