Wasp Nest Removal: Wasp Season

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The wasp nest removal season runs from the Spring to the Autumn. In the Spring the wasp queens build their nests, and by the end of October just about all of the wasps are dead due to cold weather. So this means that we get about half a year with wasps, and about half a year without them. But what should you do if you have a wasps’ nest close to your property?

Life Cycle of Wasps

Before getting on to the best way to get rid of wasps, we’ll say a few words about the wasp life cycle. Actually the focus is going to be on the life of the nest as that is the most important part of the cycle.

When the Spring arrives with its warmer weather, the queen wasps up and down the country are going to start waking up. They have a lot of work to do so they’re going to get about finding somewhere that they can build a nest right away. Different wasps have different ideas about what a good place for a nest is though.

In the UK there are two major kinds of wasps, although it’s hard to tell the difference between them as they look very similar. They do build in different sorts of places though. For example the German wasp is often found hanging from the branch of a tree or in a bush. Those places don’t provide enough shelter for the Common wasps though, which is why they are more frequently found inside.

When they have decided where they are going to build the nest they start gathering wood to start go build it. Well, they don’t exactly gather it, they just strip it back with their jaws. They put it together so that it is a sort of paper-mache structure. And then once it is big enough, they start the egg laying.

The first result of laying eggs for the queen is that it now has another job. It has to find food for the growing wasps and bring it back for them. Soon though, the new wasps are going to be able to help with that as well as with growing the nest. So it won’t be long before the queen only actually has to worry about laying more eggs to grow the colony.

The nest is going to reach its peak in the Summer, when there can be several thousand wasps in a single nest. At this point, wasp nest removal services are going to be most in demand as well. Although having said that, the time when wasps starting to be the biggest problem is near the end of wasp season.

When there are no more wasps growing in the nest it means that the wasps are not going to have to be collecting sources of protein, such as insects. Instead they can just satisfy their sweet tooth, which is when the start coming after more of the food that we eat. They can also drink fermenting fruit and become drunk, making them more aggressive.

The last wasps that are bred are fertile wasps and males, so that more queens can be made. That’s why, even if it is near the end of wasp season, if you have a problem with a nest you should still contact wasp nest removal experts to get rid of it. Otherwise you could end up with more wasps’ nests in the area next year.

Wasp Nest Removal

The best advice when it comes to wasp nest removal is to let expert pest control operatives take care of it. There are a couple of reasons for this. First of all, they’ll have all of the skills, experience and protective clothing to do it effectively and safely. Also though, the insecticide necessary to do it is only licensed to professionals.

To find out more about the ideal wasp nest removal methods, or you’ve got a nest close by which you need dealt with, go to the place where Brayden Leafe frequently writes, WaspNestRemoval.co.uk.

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