Ways in Dealing with Pests in Commercial Establishments

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Any business property is required to be sanitary and clean. Whether you operate a warehouse, a food processing plant or a retail store, you will need to undertake special precautions to ensure that bugs and rodents don’t invade your property. Commercial pest control solutions are available to help ensure that your valuable property stays pest free. What options are there? Basically, there are several excellent methods provided.


Lots of commercial properties have to cope with pesky creatures on a regular basis, specifically larger businesses. Commercial traps are offered in various sizes and types, from insect-specific traps to catch all sorts of pesky bugs to those designed to combat rodent populations. Often, these will take the form of black boxes through which rodents go into and are then captured. The only issue with these is that they have to be inspected and emptied periodically. Moreover, this form of pest control strategy can expose you to rodent bites if the animals that are contained are still alive when the time comes to empty the traps.


Poison solutions are available in several varieties. You’ll find rodent poison, as well as insect baits intended for both indoor and outdoor use. Simply placing poison traps in places around your business can help eliminate a variety of pest problems. However, this kind of pest control does have its drawbacks, in that many toxic compounds are deadly to other animals and they can also pose a threat to human beings if they are exposed. Outdoor poisons are especially dangerous, as rainwater can wash the poison out into the local area, or even into the nearby water supply.

Professional Assistance

Perhaps the best solution for commercial properties requiring help with insects or rodents is to employ a specialized extermination company. These companies offer the equipment and applications important to not only destroy pests on your property currently, but can help stop them from returning. Additionally, you’ll discover a variety of pest control companies out there, including “no-kill” companies. No-kill exterminators are strongly recommended when dealing with animals instead of insects, and will trap and relocate the animals rather than killing them.

Another advantage of working with a professional exterminator is that many companies now offer eco-friendly pest control solutions. Liquid applications can be utilized that don’t have harmful effects on the local setting, and other alternatives are available that will not harm local flora and fauna.

Working with a skilled exterminator might be the best choice for businesses, as they provide the best results, and ensure that you are able to spend your time doing what you do best – running your business.

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