Ways To Combat Mosquitoes At Home

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Mosquitoes are a genuine threat to human health. They’re the culprits for ailments like dengue fever and malaria. Their sting can be bothersome, more so to very young kids. It’s therefore imperative that measures be taken to help eradicate them and their harmful effects.

To be able to identify the specific steps to undertake to prevent mosquito infestation, it is advisable to be informed on how they breed or reproduce. It’s in clean, still water that they are able to reproduce. This goes to mean that any form of stagnant water lying around the house is a possible breeding ground for them. Even a tiny amount or volume of water can be a suitable place where they can multiply.

Mosquitoes proliferate more quickly during the rainy season, increasing the number of cases of illnesses cases related to mosquito bites. This is why it’s important to be meticulous in checking the areas around the property because anything and everything can be a possible site where mosquitoes will be able to lay their eggs. These include backyard equipment such as outdoor decorations, the barbecue grill, toys, cleaning tubs and in the dark corners of the house and backyard.

Make it a point to de-clog drainage ways, roof gutters and downspouts. Cutting grass and pruning tree branches should be a regular chore. Search all potential breeding places including old tires, coconut husks, discarded bottles, flower vases and anything that holds clean, stagnant water. Ensure that you destroy and include them in the next garbage pick up.

Everyone should make it a habit to protect themselves always. It is usually during sunset or the wee hours in the morning that mosquitoes infest. Therefore, if you intend to go outside during this time, make sure to wear a top with long sleeves and pants to protect your skin from the bites. Avoid wearing dark colored clothes like black or dark blue as mosquitoes get attracted to these colors.

Mosquito repellants will do a lot in warding off bugs. Citronella oils do an excellent job in keeping these insects away and keeping your skin free from their bites. Apply again after 3 or 4 hours of being outdoors. Be watchful of each household member’s health. Seek early consultation as sooon as fever occurs, especially if it is accompanied by headache and rashes.

It’s a must to keep surroundings clean and eliminate any form of moisture so as to prevent mosquito from reproducing. Professional pest control measures can also be implemented to more effectively eradicate these pesky insects. (7179). This article, Ways To Combat Mosquitoes At Home is available for free reprint.

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