Why Are Bed Bugs Considered Household Pests?

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A bed bug is a type of pest that feeds on blood and frequently thrives in places such as residential homes, apartments and dorms. This parasitic insect feeds on the blood of certain animals as well as humans and, though not necessarily nocturnal, commonly feeds at night when people are sleeping.

Adult bed bugs can grow to about 4-5 mm long and 3mm wide. They are commonly reddish brown, and they are flat and oval in shape. Their color turns into a dark red after sucking blood as their body becomes swollen.

Bed bugs are not just found in mattresses or beds but as well as in other things inside the house, like furniture, draperies and wall cracks. Moreover, they are commonly carried into the house by second hand furniture, luggage, clothes, bedding or a person’s body.

These parasitic insects are able to feed on their host’s blood without being noticed. Bed bug bites are usually seen on particular parts of the upper body, including neck, shoulder and arms, as well as on legs, feet and ankles. Bed bug bites can cause a lot of skin infestations and other health problems, including allergiies, skin rashes and psychological effects.

Tips For Controlling Bed Bug Infestations

The health of people particularly home and building occupants can be at risk because of bed bugs . Thus, it is crucial to detect early any possible infestation at home or in the place you’re staying to avoid unwanted health concerns.

One of the basic things you can do is to inspect every place where bed bugs can hide. Be on the lookout for certain dark spots left by a bed bug on bedding, box springs, wall cracks or furniture. Remember that bed bugs normally go undetected for months until their numbers increase.

Finally, it is best to seek the help of pest control professionals as they hold the necessary knowledge and tools for bed bug management. Pest management companies carefully inspect your home and assess the situation. They also utilize the necessary approach based on the infestation level.

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