Why Do Termites Attack?

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Aside from fire and burglary, termite attacks could be the nastiest thing that could happen to any home. Being knowledgeable on how they attack will give you an idea on how to prevent them from making harm to your property. This article is about how and why termites attack and the ways you can combat and prevent them from causing harm to your home.

Termites commonly thrive on wood, soil, plants and moisture. They feast on wood and it’s by means of wood that they are capable of making their way into your home. They build mud tunnels on wood which then becomes their home. To ensure that all possible wood breeding places are free from termites, such as wood window casements and doors, it is important to carry out regular checks around the property.

See to it that the wood materials in your house do not attract termites. Cedar and juniper are types of woods that they’re not very attracted to. There are several brands and varieties of wood alternate options that you may use to build walls and ceilings. They are specifically manufactured to be fire and termite-proof.

Soil is another favorite of termites. Regularly do an inspection especially in spots where the soil comes into contact with wood, because it’s in these circumstances that termites effectively multiply and become a plague to your house.

It therefore follows that plants easily become targets of termites, especially if they are erected very close to the property itself. Check that that plant roots, including your neighbor’s, do not get in contact with the house. If not prevented, this can also be an onset of the growth of a termite colony and possibly, infestation.

Moisture is likewise a perfect venue for termites to flourish. A humid environment is what they necessitate in order to survive and reproduce. Even just a bit of moisture outside the property could attract and cause them to enter the house. Moisture of any sort and volume should then be eliminated so they won’t have a chance to attract these pesky pests. See to it that water pipelines are always in good condition and free from crannies and leaks. Should there be leaks, address the problem straight away and do some rehabilitation measures to have them fixed.

As they would always say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Look for ways to prevent the infestation of termites before they even start a plague in your home. There are a lot of options for pest control to suit specific needs. (7179). This article, Why Do Termites Attack? is available for free reprint.

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