Why You Can’t Get Rid of The German Roach

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You can find german roaches in any corner of the world. Able to survive on things like newspaper or the glue of an envelope allows them to be successful in just about any situation. Unable to fly their distribution relies mainly on their habit of hiding in boxes or bags of groceries. This allows them to be transported wherever the package is going and once there they can easily adapt to their new environment. They need very little food to survive so even the cleanest of homes is not out of the question.

Part of their survival depends on their keen sense of detection. They do have eyes but it is their antenna that they use to pick up even just a trace of chemicals that could cause their death. They also use them to find sources of food and moisture as well as their nests or other roaches. Not only do they have these detectors on top of their heads but they also have a small pair on the abdomen. These are called cerci and are used to detect differences in the air. When a person enters a room the roach knows it by the displaced air rather than the lights coming on and that is why they scurry. Mainly nocturnal roaches hide by day in nesting sites. Thigmotropic is a term that describes why a roach hides in such small cracks. They feel more comfortable with all sides touching something and will seek out these spots in which to call home.

Sometimes as many as fifty baby roaches come out of one egg case which is more than any other roach. This high rate of birth and the fact that once pregnant always pregnant makes the german roach numbers climb very high in a short amount of time. Although she won’t produce as many egg cases as other roach species and that she lives less than one year, the number of offspring and the short time it takes for her to be able to become impregnated still make them the number one reproducing roach.

Treating a german roach infestation can be a most difficult thing to do. Their sensitive appendages makes it difficult for them to come in contact with sprays and dusts. Baiting can work well but usually is not enough to rid a home of the entire population. A steady measured approach from a professional is always recommended because they understand best the biology and behaviors of this formidable foe.

There is no overnight cure for a german roach infestation and in some cases it is next to impossible to rid a structure completely either due to poor sanitation or new roaches being introduced by deliveries. It is because of all these factors that the german roach is considered to be the most successful insect in the world.

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