Your Home And Termites

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Termites have been around for millions of years and have become quite accustom to finding the wood we supply to them in our homes. Their original design was to eat the fallen and dead wood on the forest floors but when mankind started building houses in the trees place they caught right on and moved in. From the earliest wooden structures to the large spacious homes termites have and will continue to find there way in and do what they were intended for, eat wood.

The workers termites live completely in the dark moving through the studs in your walls and underground. When exposed to light they build mud tunnels which jeep the light out and when they find a crack in your home even the thickness of a business card they move right in to the darkness of your wall voids.

The average colony reaches maturity in 2 to 3 years and is about 60,000 strong. In time they grow even larger and the colony needs to eat more to stay alive. In the U.S. termite cause billions in structural damage every year and there is no sign of slowing down.

Killing termites is something almost always that should be left up to the pros. There are do it yourself treatments on the market by even if they were the best chemicals they do little good with the know how of where to put them. The secretive nature of the subterranean termite keeps them hidden from view and sometimes the only visible evidence is no bigger than the tip of a pencil. Homeowners would be wise to seek out a professional any time termites are suspected or found.

For over 17 years The Bug Doctor Inc. has been eradicating termites all over the north central Florida area. Our trained staff has the knowledge, experience and latest tools to completely wipe out the entire termite problem around your home. We back up our service with a repair guarantee of $250,000.00 for any new damage and our annual inspections ensure that you are free and clear of this subterranean threat. For your peace of mind have The Bug Doctor inspect and treat your biggest investment and start enjoying Florida living, without the bugs.

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